Here comes a collaborative cross-Canada female-driven atmospheric horror film

Raven Banner Releasing presents


directed by Amelia Moses (Montreal)

written by Wendy Hill-Tout (Calgary) and Lowell (Toronto/Los Angeles)

and shot in Edmonton 


Title song BLOODTHIRSTY recently garnered 2 nominations from Canadian Screen Award:
Best in Original Score – Michele Osis and Lowell
Best in Original Song – Evan Bogar, Justin Gray, and Lowell


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A pop singer’s primal urge to make music takes her to dark and beastly places.

Indie singer Grey (Lauren Beatty) writes catchy songs, has been a vegan since age 6, and is inconsolable at the roadkill death of a rabbit. But she has recurring dreams of eating raw meat, and experiences waking hallucinations of turning into an animal. The psychiatric meds prescribed by Dr. Swan (Michael Ironside) are of little use. And at her most anxiety-ridden and vulnerable, she is invited to the countryside home studio of famous music producer Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk) to record an album.

One hitch: Daniels is also famous for being charged years earlier with murdering another young singer at the same home in the woods.

Bloodthirsty applies a spin on the werewolf myth, turning music-making into a blood sport.

The brutally demanding Vaughn takes Grey to dark places lyrically. Meanwhile, Grey’s girlfriend Charlie (Katharine King So), who’s accompanied her to the isolated mansion, grows increasingly worried about the turn Grey is taking, something she doesn’t recognize anymore.

Directed by Amelia Moses, and written by the mother-daughter team of Wendy Hill-Tout & singer/songwriter Lowell, the movie features songs written by Lowell, including the title song Bloodthirsty. The prolific songwriter says she turned to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque ‘90s musical aesthetic to capture the modern gothic mood of a music-making superstar turned hermit.

“I was attracted to the dual dynamic of the script,” says director Moses. “I loved the juxtaposition between Grey writing this beautiful music while also becoming more monstrous. It had a lot of potential in terms of exploring the creative process and the sometimes selfish nature of making art.”

“What I like about the relationship between Grey and Charlie in the film is not about an LGBTQ relationship,” adds writer Hill-Tout, “It’s about art, it’s about being true to your nature and it’s about a woman struggling to find her identity. Lowell and I watched other werewolf films when we were writing the script, and we decided to make our characters more ‘wolf-like’. She said to me, ‘can’t they be beautiful? Do they have to be hairy?’”

“The film heavily references 90s classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bram Stoker’s Dracula and so I wanted to reflect that in the music as well,” says Lowell. “I knew the music needed to feel both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time so I did my best to capture the chords and essence of 90s grunge while still maintaining the lyrical intimacy in music currently trending today.”

The film is produced by Voice Pictures Inc., and 775 Media, producers Wendy Hill-Tout and Michael Peterson. Executive Produced by David Bond and Alan Bacchus.








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