Blue Ice Docs, Drift Productions, and Harrowsmith Magazine present FIRST WE EAT a film by Suzanne Crocker. Screening and Streaming across Canada. David Suzuki goes to the front lines of the climate revolt in a revealing new doc, REBELLION, The Nature of Things, Nov 6 MOONLESS OASIS, featuring "living dinosaurs" off the coast of BC, directed Nate Slaco and photographed by Bryce Zimmerman CONNECTING THE DOTS - a film by Noemi Weis - VIRTUAL GLOBAL COMMUNITY SCREENING - NOV 19 THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE THIS PLACE, ANYPLACE | A FILM BY LULU WEI | WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE | CBC DOCS POV | OCT 8 | on GEM from Nov 14 MEAT THE FUTURE | A FILM BY LIZ MARSHALL | AIRING DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL OCT 11 | STARTS STREAMING ON GEM OCT 23