Playful Power Pop Phenom


Puts More Into Less With His New 4-Song EP and Single

Cover Art by Wes Tyrell

Come and Get IT

Releases Friday September 30, 2022

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MTV will include Come and Get It
on rotation on their Spankin’ New Channel


Shakespeare wrote that brevity is the soul of wit. Ascending pop-rocker HARKNESS believes brevity might also be the soul of hits. 


With his latest 4-Song EP COME AND GET IT, and its same-named single – along with a soulful video – the rapidly emerging artist delivers a retro song-experience updated in sound, but classically timed with songs that would fit on a 45 RPM vinyl single. 


Where some tunes on the preceding album The Occasion averaged more than eight minutes, the 4-Songs on COME AND GET IT range from two to three minutes – catchy and to the point. 


“With the Come and get It EP I’m shooting for a more colourful high energy style of music, fiery songs that are more short and sweet.”


The tone of power, positivity and play is set with the title single Come and Get It, which wraps its message of uplifting rebelliousness with positive energy and tempo. “If you weren’t awake and ready for some cool new music you will be within five seconds of hearing that first song,” Harkness says.


Also on the EP, Kisses We Invent, could be one of the more upbeat post-break-up songs you’ll ever hear. It’s a fast and furious closer whose lyrics riff on that sad but frothy feeling of a recent parting of ways with a lover. 


Previously released singles and on the COME AND GET IT EP are Ciao to the Beauty – the most ambitiously produced song with layers of bassoons, marimbas and flutes under four part harmonies – and Sugar Bitch – a jolly pop-rocker with a deceptively dark undertone.  


Words and Music by Harkness.


Written, Recorded and Mixed by Harkness – Anonymous Studios, Toronto, Windchild Records.


Mastered by Jeff Wolpert, Desert Fish Studios, Toronto.


“Come And Get It” Video is directed and Edited by Maria Markina


“Come And Get It” EP and Video is set for release Sept 30, 2022.



Instagram: @harknessmfa  





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