Jay Feelbander has a new EP coming out in September
We are kick-starting with the 1st Single
Releases June 24


Budding alt-pop phenom   continues to maximize his pandemic-inspired creative burst. The erstwhile actor and indie band-member is set to put out his second solo EP of the year, and is releasing the first single, CALLING OUT YOUR NAME, featuring Luna Li, out June 24, 2022.

The sweetly melancholy pop tune about break-ups and regret marks a return to Marquee Sound Studio, where Feelbender upped his home studio DIY game, courtesy of producer Braden Sauder.

And it’s a first-time collaboration for the artist, born Jacob Switzer, with his partner of eight years, Luna Li. Li is on a success-wave of her own, recently playing keyboards on Saturday Night Live for the musical guest Japanese Breakfast.

The two harmonize both sides of a broken couple, each with one eye on a reconciliation that may be no more than wishful thinking. (“Wasting all my days, I’m wondering if I’ll see you, wondering if you think of me too.”)

“Calling Out Your Name is a song about moving on from the past,” Feelbender says. “It features a late-night missed connection, and the sense of longing for someone who may never come.” 

“The song aims to capture the feeling of a fleeting romance on a cool summer night. It was a mix of moods that worked really well with slick modern synth and drum machine elements, backing up raw and emotional lyrics.”

The emotion and connection comes naturally for the two artists. When Feelbender joined the world in lockdown, he says Luna Li helped him keep his sanity and his focus. “Seeing her every day, writing music together and creating alongside one another was one of the only positives for me at that time. In a total pit of darkness, she was this light.”

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