live in New York City
158 Ludlow Street
July 15, 2022


HARKNESS, a one-man-band from Toronto, Canada, whose gift for rich production has turned heads the world-over, is coming to New York City to Pianos on July 15 to deliver a full-bodied soundscape. Dipping and ducking around 60s flair, HARKNESS incorporates modern alternative rock and exciting musical experimentation.

A self-produced multi-instrumentalist, HARKNESS – mystically clad in visor and gown – wears his inspiration from musical titans such as Brian Wilson, Prince, and Todd Rundgren on his sleeve.

He sings, plays guitar, bass, piano and drums, and produces everything himself. HARKNESS focuses only on real instrumentation to create lush, evocative, deeply human sonic scapes, with a fresh modern pop aesthetic which calls to mind Soft Bulletin era Flaming Lips.

His ambitious debut album The Occasion, was released last summer to an endless amount of rave reviews, from around the world, and continues still today.

He has released two new singles recently, Ciao To The Beauty, and Sugar Bitch, and the video single for Ciao To The Beauty has been in regular rotation on 3 MTV Channels.

And there is a documentary currently filming on HARKNESS, directed/produced by Maria Markina for Storyline Entertainment.


Website: https://harknessmusic.com/

Instagram: harknessmfa

Facebook: harknessmfa

YouTube: Harkness MFA

Spotify: Harkness

Soundcloud: Harkness

Tag: #harknessmfa

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