Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking

Written, Directed and Produced by Leora Eisen


World Broadcast Premiere
CBC TV and CBC GEM, The Nature of Things

Friday January 7, 2022

9:00 PM ET (9:30 PM NT)



They say cooking is an art. But the best chefs have a secret recipe to make dishes more delicious: Science!


Featuring mouth-watering cinematography and some of the world’s top culinary scientists, this entertaining and informative documentary, goes deep inside the kitchen to reveal the fascinating chemistry, physics and microbiology of cooking.


Guest host Anthony Morgan is a molecular research scientist – and the first to admit he’s “not much of a cook.” As he attempts to make everything from appetizers to dessert, he learns from expert chefs who demonstrate how understanding the scientific processes that transform food can help him sharpen his culinary skills.


Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking showcases a diverse cast, including Maya Warren, an ice cream scientist who has “the coolest job in the world”, Ali Bouzari, a culinary consultant with a Phd in mashed potatoes, Vanessa Kimbell, the acclaimed British “Queen of Sourdough”, and Andrew George, a First Nations chef whose traditional knowledge goes back seven generations.


Along the way, they reveal insider tips and solve some fundamental food mysteries: Why won’t oil and vinegar mix? How do hot chili peppers trick your brain? What makes a frozen treat stay soft and creamy?  Viewers will also discover how searing meat causes a “molecular orgy” and why a rubber spatula could be your next best friend.


“Since the start of the pandemic, Canadians have been cooking more than ever,“ notes filmmaker Leora Eisen. “The first question at the breakfast table is often ‘what’s for diinner?’ Even gourmet home cooks are hungry for new information and ideas.”


Leora became intrigued by the science of cooking during the first lockdown, when her daughter baked sourdough bread. “I was amazed that this mix of flour and water could actually double in size on its own! I wanted to understand why.”


Ultimately, Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking is an appetizing film that will appeal to culinary rookies and foodies alike. So preheat your ovens, as The Nature of Things cooks up some scrumptious science.


Chef Secrets: The Science of Cooking is written, produced and directed by Leora Eisen.

Producer/Researcher is Jackie Carlos.

Producer/Line Producer is Diana Warmé.

Directors of Photography are Michael Grippo and Nina Ham.

Editor is Ian Sit.

Original Music by StudioCat.


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